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Craft Labs – Chalmers University of Technology


To the Lab: Ett unikt event som arrangeras av Industriell Bioteknik vid Chalmers. Vid detta event presenteras olika tekniker som används för att analysera mikroorganismer, jästkvalitet etc. Vi kommer även djupdyka i frågor som handlar om felsökning, jästursprung och hur man mäter olika värden i öl. Kom med dina frågor och var beredd på intressant session på en ganska avancerad nivå.

OBS: Eventet är på engelska och vänder sig primärt till hembryggare och professionella bryggare.


The process of making our favourite beers can be a complicated one and is where the worlds of engineering and biology meet in amazing ways. On this journey from just a pile of ingredients, there are plenty of places where things can go wrong no matter the scale! Quick thinking based on data can save a batch or looking at trends in your brews can help improve the final product. Then there are the measurements we all see printed on the flask… The tools that the brewers have at their disposal to provide this data include a range of analytical chemistry methods and different microbiology and molecular techniques.

We like to think there are plenty of people out there asking questions like: what’s this strange yeast I’ve found? How much bitterness is in my IPA? What went wrong in this batch? Well we think we might be able to help.

During this event we will give an introduction to some of the techniques that can answer these questions as well as a tour of the world-class research laboratories at the Division of Industrial Biotechnology at Chalmers University of Technology. The event is hosted by Josh and Fabio of Craft Labs AB, who are researchers at Chalmers and are establishing themselves as service providers to the brewing and beverage industry in Sweden. They will be joined by some of their colleagues to offer a collection of brief talks on aspects of yeast biology and brewing science. Come armed with questions! And for 3-4 people we may even analyse some of their personal samples on the night!

The event will be on Wednesday 4th April, starting at 17:30 and lasting approx. 2 hours. The event is free to attend, but limited to 30 people. For transport, go to Chalmers Tram stop or others nearby. The event will be in English, and unfortunately no alcohol can be consumed during the event.

To sign up, please go to (use the ‘Boka Gratis‘ button above) and fill in your name and your ‘level’ of knowledge as this will help us set the tone of the evening.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Plats: Craft Labs – Chalmers University of Technology, Kemigården 4, 412 96 Göteborg
När: Onsdag 4 april 17:30-19:30
Kostnad: Gratis
Kollektivtrafik: Chalmers, Chalmers Tvärgata


  • Craft Labs – Chalmers University of Technology

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